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Rules & Regulations

Rest Haven Memorial Park is one of the most beautiful cemeteries in the entire country. This has been brought about by the mutual understanding and cooperation of all those interested in Rest Haven Memorial Park, especially the cemetery space owners, the persons holding the right to be interred therein, and the families of such persons.

To maintain the beauty and dignity of the cemetery, it is necessary to have rules and regulations to guide the operation of the cemetery grounds. Every Certificate of Title issued by Rest Haven Memorial Park, contains a provision that the purchaser takes his cemetery space, subject to the rules and regulations then in force and also those, which may be adopted in the future. These rules and regulations are as binding upon purchaser as though they were incorporated in the lot owner’s Certificate of Title.

No rule or regulation has ever been or will be made, which is not designed to benefit the persons interested in Rest Haven Memorial Park, individually and collectively. Experience has shown that it is only by a strict observance of these necessary rules and regulations by all persons that the standards, which people have come to expect of Rest Haven Memorial Park, may be maintained. All persons are required to observe the rules and regulations. In order to maintain uniformity and preserve the beauty of Rest Haven Memorial Park, we reserve the right to change or modify the rules and regulations, which are designed in the best interest of Rest Haven Memorial Park and its lot owners.

The general maintenance of the cemeteries and grounds, designed to improve and maintain their appearance and condition, shall be the responsibility of the Cemetery. It shall include such items as the upkeep of drives, buildings, fences, spring and fall cleanup, raking of leaves, and the general mowing of grass pursuant to the published mowing schedule.

  1. The Park Office is open Monday through Friday 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.  Saturday by appointment.  Visiting hours are from dawn to dusk.
  2. Speed limit in the park is 15 m.p.h.  Parking is allowed on the roadway or identified parking areas only.  Parking on the grass is NOT permitted!
  3. Dogs and other pets are not allowed except when in a vehicle or on a leash.
  4. No firearms are permitted within the park.
  5. Veteran Flag Standards are not supplied by Rest Haven Memorial Park.  Please contact your County Veterans Affairs Office.
  6. Spring clean-up will be the first week of March.  Fall clean-up will be the first week of November.
  7. All maintenance will be performed by park personnel only.
  8. Fresh cut flowers may be placed at the gravesite in ground level cemetery vases throughout the year.  ONE 8- inch potted plant may be placed on each memorial.  Arrangements often containing fertilization elements and other materials may cause rusting.  (Wires, clips, or anything metallic)
  9. Placement of artificial flowers (plastic & silk) is recommended.  Holiday decorations for Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Memorial Day, and Veteran’s Day will be removed within 10 days following the holiday due to lawn maintenance.  Keep in mind the cemetery gets very windy at times, please ensure your decorations are secure when placed.
  10. Digging holes, planting flowers, shrubs or trees, placement of glass jars, tin cans, rocks, wooden items, metal rods, wires, Shepard’s hooks, non-company approved lights, ornamental flags, figurines, and borders on burial space are not permitted at any time.
  11. Arrangements that become wilted, faded or unsightly will be removed by cemetery staff.
  12. The cemetery is not responsible for stolen, missing items or damage done by floral displays.

Thank You for Your Cooperation

Floral Regulations

These regulations are designed to preserve the appearance and dignity of garden areas. Flowers on memorials mean so much to so many people. Grave and niche decorations should honor our loved ones. When they lack beauty, order and neatness, they fall short of this goal.

Fresh cut flowers may be placed at the gravesite in ground-level cemetery vases throughout the year. For special requests concerning birthdays, anniversary or important dates, contact the cemetery office for any exceptions.

Placement of artificial flowers (plastic & silk) is permitted only in company approved vases. Exceptions are made for Easter, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Memorial Day, Armistice (or Veteran's Day). These decorations will be removed within 10 days following the holiday. Christmas wreaths will be removed at Spring Clean-Up Week of March 1st.

Our cemetery is not responsible for the damage to or disappearance of flower arrangements, plants or decorative items.

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